Donor’s Choice Campaign

Donor’s Choice is a program run through the Lancaster-Lebanon Education Foundation that benefits local students and families served by Lancaster Lebanon IU13.

Local families with a family member enrolled in an IU13 program are able to submit an application for assistance.  Based on the need of the family donations to pay for electricity, heating oil, tires for a car, basic toiletries for family members, or wrapping a few presents for the younger children.

Throughout the Donor’s Choice campaign, LLEF staff and IU13 social workers served as the liaison between the family, the donor, and the 3rd party vendor (funds were paid directly to the vendor rather than the family). Once all of the items are purchased they are wrapped and then staff members and volunteers travel around the counties to deliver the items to the families.

The Donor’s Choice campaign is a wonderful example of how IU13 staff members and the LLEF Board continue to contribute to the health, welfare, and quality of life for the students and families served by IU 13 programs.

Show your support by participating donating to the Lancaster-Lebanon Education Foundation through the Extraordinary Give event.

Questions related to LLEF’s Donor’s Choice campaign can be referred to 717-606-1732 or







Donor’s Choice Families say “Thank You!”